From briefcase to the backpack

The elegance of the briefcase is overshadowed by the comfort of the backpack. Today, many executives and professionals prefer to carry their things on their back instead of carrying a briefcase by the hand. This trend is mainly due to two factors: safety and comfort. Fernando Galarza brings a bottle of water, a laptop, a tablet, a cell phone, an agenda, books and some documents when he goes to work. In rainy season, usually add an umbrella to your list of objects. All these accessories are stored in your backpack. This has compartments that simulate a briefcase and, also, incorporates a space for your laptop. That is why کوله پشتی is important. “It’s easier to use a backpack that also gives security, you can not walk کوله پشتیdown the street with a briefcase today,” explains the 26-year-old civil engineer. Galarza says he has never considered using a briefcase because of the nature of his work. “I move constantly, I travel, I visit works and I have meetings, so it’s more comfortable to go with a backpack,” he says. To that opinion are added many other professionals and executives. For Roberto Doumet, commercial director of the Tumi brand that in Ecuador is represented by the Juan Eljuri Group, four years ago the sales of backpacks for executives have gained space in the market.

Today, 40% of the sales of the brand, in accessories for men, corresponds to executive backpacks. Although he recognizes that the briefcases are quite welcome. When an executive looks for a backpack it is always fixed that it has characteristics similar to those of a briefcase, the compartments for example. To this the material with which they are elaborated is added. According to Doumet, traditional executives have opted for leather. Backpacks are more used depending on the activity. Thus, the professionals dedicated to production, communication, design, architecture, teaching, sales and technology are inclined towards backpacks. Meanwhile, office workers who do not travel commonly and their work environment does not vary prefer the briefcases, which in turn offer distinction. Other preferences arise between the transition from the briefcase to the backpack. Jorge Fuentes works in a financial company. He prefers to use a briefcase that hangs on his shoulder. This is an adaptation of the traditional briefcase. “These are the messenger-type briefcases, which are very fashionable, which responds to a need to simplify the briefcase, ie remove the handles and put a strap on it,” says the Commercial Director of Tumi. Although fashion experts say that you should not combine a backpack with a suit, this seems to be less important. Comfort is essential for executives who are in constant movement, use more than one ‘gadget’ and perform ‘field work’. The decline of the briefcase The trend. About five years ago, executives began replacing the traditional briefcase with a backpack. The material. There are briefcases and backpacks of different materials: original or synthetic leather, polyester or fabric. The backpacks are comfortable. That is the main reason why the briefcases have lost consumers.

Fashions are signs of the times, occur in specific cultural contexts, are manifested by virtue of certain mental states, ways of seeing reality. For example, the phenomenon ‘hippie’ occurred at cultural, economic, political, social, etc., which caused an explosion of manifestations of different order. The same could be said of the ‘beatnik’ movement, with its peculiar fashion, with the behavioral stereotypes that characterized it. In general, popular expressions, folklore, are nourished by collective habits, which tend to become short-term models, which disappear as soon as a new ‘product’ emerges. In this order of ideas, if we remember the ‘look’ of the executives and professionals of past decades, we will undoubtedly find it somewhat overloaded, ‘baroque’. Today, many of those garments have completely disappeared. However, fashion makes from time to time setbacks. Indeed, the ‘retro’ usually revives things that were thought forgotten forever. Specifically, the elegant briefcases that were part of the appearance of the executives of recent years, today would be annoying and impractical. Laptops and, more recently, tablets have made the cases become objects in almost total disuse. Naturally, there must be people who still like them, businessmen who still protect their documents with the locks that are included. By the way, the modern criterion of the easy, simple and practical has also created the friendly backpacks, which came to replace the heavy cases. BackPack کوله پشتی definitely takes care of your laptop in a helpful way.