Legal and anabolic steroids

difference between legal and anabolic steroidsToday steroids have become a product that you can find in the market even without a prescription for it. These are steroids are made of organic compounds that are arranged in a certain molecular arrangement to form a certain configuration. There are many types of steroids in the market today. Steroids were first discovered between 1925-1930. Plants, animals, and fungi can be the source of steroids. The steroid is manufactured from cells that originate from sterol lanosterol (animals and fungi) or cycloartenol (plants).

Anabolic steroids or AAS (anabolic-androgenic steroids) consists of natural androgens and synthetic androgens. Synthetic androgens are very similar to Testosterone which is a natural androgen. Anabolic steroids increase protein in the cells, supports with gender characteristic development such as vocal cords and body hair. The first synthesized anabolic steroid happened 1930’s and to date, there are more than 100 types of these steroids out in the market. Although this seems like a lot, only very few ha been tested and approved. In the market today there are plenty of steroids and most are put out there illegally or smuggled in. More than $400 million of these illegal steroids are sold worldwide on a yearly basis. The major difference between legal and anabolic steroids is legal steroids have been tested either on animal or human and approved for use.

Those who are introduced to these steroids do not know the difference between legal and anabolic steroids. It is important to control these steroids and ensuring only legal steroids are available for those who need it. Steroids have many side effects including causing psychological effect, inducing cardiovascular complications, clotting disorder, sexual dysfunction and many others. These anabolic steroids are also addictive and in the long use, damage a person self-control as they become too dependent on this. These are legal implications and also various tests being conducted to detect the use these illegally. For example, in a most international sports event, sportsmen and women are tested for illegal steroids and can be removed from the event if found misuse.

Researching, testing and approving these anabolic steroids involves a high cost and takes time but it is necessary and actions need to be taken to carry this out. The more steroids are made legal, the more the medical industry and those who need it will benefit.